The Saratoga Symphony

           Jason Klein, Music Director
Saratoga Symphony


October 10, 2010

Marche joyeuse  (1888, rev. 1890) 
Emmanuel Chabrier,

Suite No. 3, "Scènes dramatiques" (1873)
Jules Massenet

Prélude et divertissement  (The Tempest: Ariel and the sprites)

Mélodrame  (Othello: Desdemona's dream)

Scène finale (Macbeth: The witches, the feast, the apparition, coronation fanfares)


Harold in Italy, Symphony No. 3 in G for Orchestra with Solo Viola, Op. 16 (1834) 
Hector Berlioz

Harold in the Mountains: Scenes of melancholy, happiness, and joy

Procession of pilgrims singing the evening hymn

Serenade of an Abruzzi mountaineer to his sweetheart

Orgy of the Brigands; Reminiscences of preceding scenes

Geri Actor, viola